Drum Hill Scout Camp


Max Group Size: 20

Our purpose built abseil tower is suitable for all participants from cub scout age upwards. Our enthusiastic, friendly team of highly qualified and experienced instructors are able to run a session for all abilities, giving extra reassurance and support to first time participants as well as adding extra challenges or new skills for those who have undertaken the activity before.

Although our tower is suitable for use by participants with additional requirements, many of the measures that must be taken require specialist equipment which we do not routinely keep on site. Therefore, it is extremely important that we are made aware of any additional requirements as early as possible so that we do not have to disappoint any participants by not allowing them to undertake the activity.

Prices for 2021

Derbyshire Scouts   3.00   Per Person, Per Hour
Non-Derbyshire Scouts   3.00   Per Person, Per Hour
Guides   3.00   Per Person, Per Hour
Other Organisations   3.00   Per Person, Per Hour