Drum Hill Scout Camp

COVID-19 Safety at Drum Hill Scout Camp

Current Readiness Level: AMBER. (CLICK HERE for full details)
LAST UPDATED: 08.09.2020

PLEASE NOTE: Groups must book minimum of 48hrs in advance

We all want to be able to resume the activities we all love and miss as soon as possible. We've been working hard over the last few weeks to be able to offer at least some of what is possible at Drum Hill Scout Camp, in a COVID-19 safe way. We'll keep this page updated with the latest information about what is available on site, in line with the restrictions currently in place. These measures are in the interest of keeping everyone who comes to Drum Hill Scout Camp safe - we appreciate that some of the measures are restrictive, but the more closely we all follow these, the faster we'll be able to relax back to a more normal way of scouting.


Information for Groups

This information is available as a PDF download from the Downloads section below. Here are the additional measures we have implemented to comply with current government restrictions and guidance on re-opening as a COVID-19 secure site:

We have put up additional signage around site, as a reminder of these additional measures.


Important Downloads and Information

Title   Date Published   File Type    
Information for Groups   31.07.2020    
Red-to-Amber Site Risk Assessment   31.07.2020    


What's Currently Available

As of 21.08.2020, the site will be available for pre-booked groups to undertake outdoor, group lead activities. The maximum allowed group size is currently 15. This means that you can come and use the space to deliver an outdoor program, which you have planned for your young people, in line with current restrictions. Here's the list of what activities are available on site:

Activity   Date Published   File Type    
Altar Fires   07.08.2020    
Orienteering   07.08.2020    
Picture Orienteering   07.08.2020    
Pioneering   07.08.2020    
Tomahawk Throwing
(Weekends, Only)


What's Currently Not Available

We are reacting to the changing situation and circumstances just like everyone else. As such, we aren't able to bring everything back online straight away, but we are working on bringing as much back as possible, as soon as possible. Here's the list of what's currently not available: